Tracking and shipping


How can I track my MUSUs?

Once your order has left our warehouse, you will
receive a shipment confirmation by e-mail with your tracking number. You can
then enter this number on the carrier's website to easily track your order.


How many days until my MUSUs arrive?

The number of days it takes for your MUSUs to arrive
depends on the delivery option you chose at checkout.


Is my package insured?

All MUSU parcels are insured against accidental damage
and theft on the way from our warehouse to the entered delivery address. Once
your MUSUs have been delivered to you, they are no longer covered by insurance.


I have entered the wrong address.

Unfortunately, the delivery address can only be
changed before the order is dispatched. Please contact us as soon as possible
at team@musubrand.com.


How can I cancel my order?

Please contact us as soon as possible at
team@musubrand.com. We can only guarantee a cancellation if your order has not
yet been dispatched and we are still working on the order. If the order has
already been dispatched, you will receive an email confirmation by e-mail and you will have to request a return instead. Please refer to the following section. 


Returns & Exchanges


How do I return my MUSUs?

Contact us at team@musubrand.com indicating the reference number of your order. We will provide you with a label to affix to your parcel, which you can then take to your nearest post office or relay point. Once we have received your package and checked that everything is in
order, we will proceed with the refund.


How can I exchange my MUSUs?  

Unfortunately, you can only exchange your MUSU by
requesting a return. Please refer to the previous section to find out what to do. You will then need to place a new order once you have received your refund.




What payment methods does MUSU accept?

All payment options available for each country are displayed at the checkout once you have indicated the country you wish to be delivered to.


Care & Use


How do look after my MUSUs?


The best way to look after your MUSUs is to put them back in their case when you are not using them.


For a quick clean, you can use our RPET cleaning cloth provided with your MUSUs. For a more thorough cleaning, you can purchase a cleaning product and use a microfibre cleaning cloth to apply it.


Avoid placing them on your head, as in the long run
this will cause the frame to enlarge and disgrace the fitting. Be careful not
to leave them in the heat, for example in cars. Acetate is a natural material
that is sensitive to temperature, and this can also affect the fit of your



How can I make sure my MUSU's fit me well?

Buying sunglasses online can be difficult, so we have
developed an Instagram filter where you can try on our pairs and see which one
fits you best.


Lens Guide 

All MUSU lenses have been hand selected by our founders from our Sel Optical suppliers, also
located in the heart of the Italian Dolomites. To ensure superior vision and
colour clarity, as well as high scratch resistance, the lenses are made of
CR-39. They offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Sunglasses are graded according to light transmission - the amount of light that passes
through the lens.


The category number indicates the strength of the sun
glare filter.

Category 0: very low sunlight reduction

Category 1: limited sunlight reduction

Category 2: good sunlight protection

Category 3: high sunlight protection

Category 4: very high sunlight protection.