Helmut Newton: Capturing Elegance on the French Riviera

Helmut Newton: Capturing Elegance on the French Riviera

“I like the sun, and there’s none left in Paris.”

In the heart of Monaco, the Musu team embarked on a mesmerizing journey through the captivating exhibition "Newton Riviera." Hosted by the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco (NMNM), this exhibition paid homage to the iconic photographer Helmut Newton and his deep connection to the French Riviera. Join us as we delve into the world of Helmut Newton and uncover his profound artistic influence in this picturesque region. This influence is deeply woven into the very essence of Musu, resonating throughout our collection and campaigns.

Helmut Newton and the Riviera

In 1981, the renowned photographer Helmut Newton embarked on a transformative journey, leaving behind his Parisian roots and finding a new creative sanctuary in the enchanting realm of Monaco. This relocation marked a pivotal period in his illustrious career, characterized by unparalleled creativity and artistic freedom.   Amidst the opulent backdrop of Monaco, Newton's lens explored uncharted territory, seamlessly merging the worlds of fashion, landscapes, and an enigmatic allure. It was during this phase that he ventured into his groundbreaking "Yellow Press" series, a collection of work inspired by crime scenes yet infused with an eerie and seductive glamour.

helmut newton

Monaco's breathtaking vistas provided an exquisite stage for Newton's fashion photography, where he skillfully juxtaposed elegance with an air of captivating mystique. Remaining true to his fearless style, he unflinchingly captured the luminaries of the era, including iconic figures like David Bowie, Isabelle Huppert, and Paloma Picasso. Even members of Monaco's royal family, including the enigmatic Princess Caroline, became subjects of his discerning lens.


David Bowie 1983 Monte CarloDavid Bowie 1983 Monte Carlo


Princesse Caroline de Monaco

princesse Caroline de Monaco par Helmut Newtonprincesse Caroline de Monaco


paloma picasso

The ongoing exhibition, "Newton, Riviera," offers a mesmerizing glimpse into this sun-soaked chapter of Helmut Newton's life, where his work radiates a tantalizing blend of irony and fascination, illuminating a world of facades and illusions that continues to captivate our imaginations.


Helmut Newton's Iconic French Riviera Campaigns

In addition to his captivating exhibition, Helmut Newton's legacy on the French Riviera lives on through his iconic fashion campaigns in the region.  

1. Yves Saint Laurent (1977): Helmut Newton collaborated with the iconic French couture house Yves Saint Laurent, creating a campaign that epitomized the fusion of haute couture and Mediterranean splendor. His lens captured not just fashion but the essence of a Riviera soirée.  


2. Vogue (1995): Over the years, Newton graced the pages of Vogue with a series of fashion editorials shot along the Côte d'Azur. His images transcended mere fashion photography, telling stories of sophistication and allure.  


Helmut Newton American Vogue Monte Carlo 1995

Helmut Newton American Vogue Monte Carlo 1995


3. Versace (1986): The Italian fashion powerhouse Versace found a kindred spirit in Helmut Newton. Together, they crafted a series of photographs that celebrated Italian glamor against the backdrop of the Riviera's natural beauty.  

 Gianni Versace S/S 1986 by Helmut NewtonGianni Versace S/S 1986 by Helmut Newton


4. Thierry Mugler (1994):Newton's collaboration with French designer Thierry Mugler for a perfume campaign on the Côte d'Azur remains a testament to sensuality and creativity. His lens brought the fragrance to life amid the Riviera's romance.  

 Thierry Mugler (1994) Helmut NewtonThierry Mugler (1994) Helmut Newton


5. Ballets de Monte Carlo :  Newton's photographs of the Ballets de Monte Carlo not only showcased the beauty of the human form but also added a layer of intrigue and sophistication to the world of dance. His work with the ballet company transcended mere documentation, turning each frame into a captivating narrative of movement, emotion, and elegance.

Danseuse de ballet, Monaco, 1985Danseuse de ballet, Monaco, 1985


6. Louis Vuitton (2003): Louis Vuitton, the French luxury brand, entrusted Newton with capturing the essence of their renowned "Speedy" bag against the stunning Côte d'Azur scenery. The result was a visual symphony of luxury and nature.  

 American Vogue, 2000Louis Vuitton (2003) Helmut Newton Monaco


Louis Vuitton (2003) Helmut Newton Monaco

Louis Vuitton (2003) Helmut Newton Monaco





Just as renowned painters like Picasso and Matisse found inspiration on the French Riviera's shores, Helmut Newton captured the essence of this place through his lens. His work encapsulated the sophistication and beauty that have made the French Riviera a timeless destination.   Helmut Newton's work along the French Riviera transcends mere photography; it is a visual journey into the soul of luxury, beauty, and the Mediterranean charm. As the Musu team draws inspiration from the bygone era of artistic fashion campaigns, we aim to bring that timeless elegance to our collection. Visit musubrand.com to explore sunglasses that embody the allure of this iconic era.

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