Luxury in the Fast Lane: Musu's Tribute to Automotive Masterpieces

Luxury in the Fast Lane: Musu's Tribute to Automotive Masterpieces


Musu's heritage is as much about precision-crafted eyewear as it is about the celebration of automotive design. In the heart of the French Riviera, where the roads are as famed as the vistas they offer, Musu was born - a brand where the love for haute couture eyewear and high-octane automobiles intertwine. Co-founded by a brother-sister duo, part of the essence of Musu is deeply rooted in Ryan's ardor for automobiles. With an encyclopedic knowledge of every make and model, Ryan sees cars not just as machines but as moving art - an ethos that Musu embodies with every pair of sunglasses designed.


A Drive Down Memory Lane: Musu's Automotive Flair in Campaigns

Musu’s campaigns have often featured classic cars, not just as backdrops but as integral elements that complement the narrative of innovation and style. Here's a look at how these masterpieces on wheels have fueled our creative vision.

Alpine A110: Musu’s Launch Campaign

The Musu launch campaign was a spectacle of the unexpected. The scene was set with the founders making an entrance in an Alpine A110, symbolizing the journey ahead. What followed was a series of striking visuals: an astronaut in a compressed air elevator, sunglasses gracing a sizzling barbecue, and the Musu logo spray-painted by the edge of a vibrant pool. It was a choreographed rebellion against the mundane, a fitting debut for our brand.

Watch musu's launch campaign on Youtube.

alpine A110 musu

Porsche 964: Crafting a Riviera Rhapsody

Our campaign featuring the Porsche 964 wasn't about the car itself but the gathering it inspired. Artists from across the Riviera lent their talents, creating a mosaic of local culture and creativity. The soundtrack was a bespoke creation by Stony Lander, titled 'Preroll', and the visual narrative was punctuated by David Owel's mesmerizing dance. Together, they echoed the harmonious blend of heritage and innovation that Musu stands for.

Watch the campaign on Youtube

Ferrari 348 Spider

In the latest Musu narrative, the unexpected takes center stage as our grandmother, the embodiment of timeless chic, commands the scene within a striking modern house overlooking Cannes. This campaign, set against the sophisticated lines of a Ferrari 348 Spider, celebrates the matriarch's daily life, which is as filled with Musu's luxurious eyewear as it is with classic sports cars, painting a portrait of elegance that defies the conventional, much like Musu itself.

Watch the campaign on Youtube

ferrari 348 spider

ferrari spider musu

The Road Ahead: Musu's Visionary Automotive Partners

As Musu looks to the future, we draw inspiration from automotive design and performance, envisaging collaborations that speak to our shared pursuit of perfection.

Maserati Alfieri: The Art of Italian Grand Touring

The Maserati Alfieri concept heralds a future of grand touring with its audacious design and predictive glimpse into the marque's stylistic direction. With its long, sculpted hood and assertive grille, the Alfieri's profile is a promise of the Maserati brand's commitment to innovative sportsmanship. Inside, it's a fusion of luxury and technology, with a driver-focused cockpit that marries Italian craftsmanship with cutting-edge innovation. The Continental GT, with its exquisite graceful lines, reflects Musu's dedication to Italian craftmanship and finesse.

Maserati Alfieri:

Maserati Alfieri musu

Bentley Continental GT: The Quintessence of Grand Touring

The Bentley Continental GT redefines what a grand tourer can be. Beyond its striking exterior lies a world of bespoke luxury. The handcrafted cabin is a testament to Bentley's meticulous attention to detail, while the car's performance is as smooth and powerful as its silhouette suggests. A vision for those who seek a narrative that's as compelling as a drive along the Mediterranean coastline.

Bentley Continental GT musu

: The Apex of Automotive Aristocracy

The Aston Martin DB11 stands as a beacon of modern elegance. It boasts a bold design that maintains the marque’s heritage while pushing the boundaries with its aerodynamic efficiency. Its V12 engine delivers a potent combination of power and refinement, wrapped in a package that's undeniably Aston Martin: luxurious, charismatic, and completely unforgettable. A perfect match for Musu's innovative yet timeless designs.

 Aston Martin DB11

Each frame from Musu mirrors the sleek engineering of the world's most coveted cars, crafted for those who appreciate the beauty of a well-curved silhouette and the promise of adventure it holds. It's here, at the crossroads of fashion and engineering, that Musu's story accelerates, inviting you to a world where style is in the driver's seat. Shop the full collection here.

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